• Feb 2019 - Several things have happened at the Government and Heritage Library in Raleigh that I want to make you aware of:
    1. They have a rather large, and growing, digitial collection. There are currentlty about 45 mini collections within the whole digital collections site. Some of genealogical interest include: Alien Registration and Naturalization, Civil War, Colonial Court Records, Confederate Pension Applications (created from laws in 1885 and 1901), Family Records (which include many different things including bible records, cemetery surveys for the state pre-1914, and many more), Governor's Papers, North Carolina Newspapers (very early papers in NC online, not statewide), Secretary of State Wills, State Publications, which include session laws, Tax Lists, Troop Returns, War of 1812 Pay Vouchers, WWI, and WWII among many others. Take a look at Note that all these collections are about North Carolina, not other states.
    2. The Government and Heritage Library has another site called NCpedia. NCpedia is a play on words - ot's the encylopedia of North Carolina. Educators, students, and genealogists alike use this site. It covers a wide range of information about the state from biographies, to info on state symbols, and even things from American history that affected NC such as the stamp act. Information mostly comes from 3 main sources. 1. A series called the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, 2. The Encyclopedia of North Carolina, 3. The Tarheel Junior Historian, and 4. contributions made by staff, archive staff, historians, etc. Visit NCpedia
    3. Get Carded! Are you a resident of North Carolina? You can now apply for a library card with the Government and Heritage Library. Some books cannot be checked out (i.e., most of their genealogy material), but you can check out other books. The card also gives you access to some databases they have subscriptions to from home, sorry, not ancestry, but Heritage quest is included as well as Fold3. Take a look at the databases at and if you are interested in applying for a card, you can fill out an application at
    4. One more thing they offer. You can now Book A Librarian at the Government and Heritage Library. What does that mean? Have you hit a brick wall with your research? new to research? You can schedule a 30 minute consultation with them so GHL staff can try to knock it down. Go to the following page to learn more: